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Worcester Warehouse

50,000 sq. ft. lease at 10 Pullman St to regional beverage manufacturer and distributor

5,7,9, Latti Farm Road

Sale of 177,000 sq ft Boston Globe Building at 5,7,9, Latti Farm Road Millbury, Ma Andy Murray represented the buyer. Sold for $5,600,000.00

11 Midstate Drive

21,000 sq ft building sale 11 Midstate Drive, Midstate Office Park, Auburn $900,000.00 Sold by UMass Medical School to investors A. Murray Real Estate represented. Subsequently leased space in the building to Mass. D.O.T., Raytheon, Group Benefit Strategies, SPS New England, Caregiver Homes Of Massachusettes. A. Murray sold 11 Midstate again in 2018 for $1,600,000.00

60 Webster Place

156,000 sq ft warehouse lease with Polar Beverages at 60 Webster Place Worcester.

10 Pullman St

120,000 sq ft building sale at 10 Pullman St Worcester

218 Shrewsbury St

15,000 sq ft investment sale at 218 Shrewsbury Street Worcester for $780,000.00

Rte 20 Shrewsbury

12,000 sq ft office and warehouse lease, Rte 20 Shrewsbury with Applus Technologies

1 St. Mark St.

26,000 sq ft industrial investment building sale at 1 St. Mark St. Auburn, $1,715,000.00

Rte 9 Shrewsbury

Rte 9 Shrewbury Strip Mall Investment Sale, sold for $1,530,000.00

El Morocco

Sale of former “El Morocco” resturant for tear down and development of 68 apartments

Arrow Wholesale*

Sale of former Arrow Wholesale 40,000 sq ft mill building for apartment conversion

45 Main St

Sale of 45 Main St Boylston, a 6,200 sq ft office building for $630,000.00

Otis St

90,000 sq ft saleĀ  Westborough $3,000,000.00 sale for Astra Zeneca

Shrewsbury Rte 140

8,000 sq ft lease to Motorola (3rd deal with Motorola) Shrewsbury Rte 140

USA Government*

10,000 sq ft lease with the Government of The United States of America. Asian Longhorn Bettle Project Worcester

345 A Greenwood St

15,000 sq ft sale at 345 A Greenwood Street Worcester to C.A.B.I. Sale price $1,950,000.00

West Bolyston St

$500,000.00 sale of Beauty Works building on West Bolyston St Worcester

8 Nebraska St

14,000 sq ft building sale at 8 Nebraska St Worcester. $720,000.00 This is the second time Any Murray has sold this property.

Maines Paper and Food Service*

8,450 sq ft warehouse lease to Maines Paper and Food Service, Inc Worcester

Rte 20 Worcester

22,000 sq ft warehouse lease to Hudson News, Rte 20 Worcester

Campbell Soup / Snyder Lance*

7,000 sq ft lease with Campbell Soup / Snyder Lance, 3rd deal with Snyder’s

Webster Strip Mall

12,000 sq ft strip mall sale in Webster for $925,000.00

235-237 Main Street

Sale of 1.8 acre of land at 235-237 Main Street Shrewsbury to Dr. Peter Zacharia for new development of 8,000 sq ft medical center. Sale price of $449,000.00

314 Grafton St

Sale of 4 acres and 4,000 sq ft former daycare center at 314 Grafton Street Shrewsbury. Sale price of $420,000.00

Stafford St

30,000 sq ft warehouse lease on Stafford St Worcester – Blue Hive Exhibits

Oxford Industrial Building

30,000 sq ft industrial building sale on 5 acres in Oxford to Patriot Enviromental

Rte 20 Auburn

15,000 sq ft building sale Rte 20 Auburn to Braman Pest Extermination – $1,435,000.00

150 Hartwell St

30,000 sq ft office/warehouse sale 150 Hartwell St West Boylston $1,575,00.00

Oxford Industrial Building

10,000 sq ft industrial building sale Oxford $680,000.00

Gold Star Blvd.

20,000 sq ft lease to Habitat for Humanity Gold Star Blvd. Worcester

Auburn Industrial Park

7,700 sq ft lease to John Deere Landscaping, Inc – Auburn Industrial Park

Main St Worcester

40,000 sq ft sale of former Pip Shelter building, Main St Worcester.

Greenwood St Worcester

4,350 sq ft Greenwood St Worcester lease to Praxair

Rte 20 Shrewsbury

Building and yard lease to Nation Construction Rentals, Inc – Rte 20 Shrewsbury

Webster St

116,000 sq ft building sale on Webstar St in Worcester for $1,001,000.00

Auburn Industrial Park

5,000 sq ft lease to A.R.S. Services Auburn Industrial Park

Auburn Industrial Park

7,000 sq ft lease Bohler-Uddeholm Corporation (400 year old Austrian Company) Auburn Industrial Park

Prince Telecom*

9,000 sq ft lease in Worcester to Prince Telecom

Watch City Mechanical*

6,000 sq ft lease to Watch City Mechanical Shrewsbury

Rte 20 Shrewsbury

9,000 sq ft cheerleading lease Rte 20 Shrewsbury

Rte 20 Shrewsbury

5,000 sq ft gym lease Rte 20 Shrewsbury

Bus Parking Lease

Land lease for bus parking Worcester $775,000.00 per year rent

Rte 20 Shrewsbury

20,000 sq ft Rte 20 Shrewsbury warehouse lease – Shrewsbury Lumber

590 Southbridge St

$700,000.00 salve of former MacNamara Fabricating Building at 590 Southbridge St Worcester

H.P. Fairfield Co.*

16,000 sq ft lease to H.P. Fairfield Co. Worcester

Optima Shipping*

5,000 sq ft lease to Optima Shipping Oxford

Rte 20 Worcester

8,000 sq ft lease to American Insulation company – Rte 20 Worcester


2,300 sq ft lease to U.S. Food and Drug Administration Boylston

Apria Healthcare*

8,700 sq ft lease to Apria Healthcare Worcester

Alden Labs*

30,000 sq ft lease to Alden Labs Worcester

MacKoul Electric*

5,000 sq ft lease to MacKoul Electric Shrewsbury

Patriot Fence Company*

5,000 sq ft lease to Patriot Fence Company West Boylston

Whipple Construction*

4,000 sq ft lease to Whipple Construction West Boylston

National Express corp.*

12,000 sq ft lease to Durham Bus Company/National Express corp. Ashland

Millbury Ind. Park

Sale of 7.75 acres in the Millbury Ind. Park $725,000.00 to Horace Mann Educational Assoc.

E.P.S. Polymers*

3,600 sq ft lease Shrewsbury to E.P.S. Polymers

Rte 140 Shrewsbury

4,355 sq ft lease Shrewsbury to RecoverCare, LLC – Rte 140 Shrewsbury

Rte 140 Shrewsbury

3,055 sq ft lease to Murray Communications – Rte 140 Shrewsbury

Rte 140 Shrewsbury

2,600 sq ft lease to Southwestern Industries – Rte 140 Shrewsbury

Rte 140 Shrewsbury

1,200 sq ft lease to Scales Industrial Technologies, Inc – Rte 140 Shrewsbury

Rte 20 Shrewsbury

7,200 sq ft lease to Solomon Marble and Granite, Rte 20 Shrewsbury

Accusoft Marlboro*

2,979 sq ft office lease to Accusoft Marlboro


7,000 sq ft warehouse lease to ICI of New England Worcester

Piedmont Plastics Marlboro*

27,000 sq ft lease with Piedmont Plastics Marlboro

1.4 acre Worcester building

$475,000.00 Sale of 22,000 sq ft of building on 1.4 acres in Worcester. This is the 3rd time Andrew Murray has sold this site.

Irby Company/Sonepar*

83,000 sq ft lease with Irby Company/Sonepar, and International electric supply company. 4th deal with Irby

A.H. Harris*

7,500 sq ft lease with A.H. Harris Auburn

Rte 20 Worcester

10,000 sq ft lease with Manafort – Precision Rte 20 Worcester

Millbrook St

8,000 sq ft lease with Napa Autoparts Millbrook Street Worcester

Quality Chairvan*

9,000 sq ft lease to Quality Chairvan Worcester

Braman Chemical*

3,600 sq ft lease to Braman Chemical Worcester

Costello Trucking*

10,000 sq ft lease to Costello Trucking Worcester

Snyder's of Hanover*

15,000 sq ft warehouse lease to Snyder’s of Hanover – Shrewsbury Andy Murray’s second transaction with Snyder’s

55 Otis St

10,000 sq ft lease on 4 acres at 55 Otis St Westboro


2,800 sq ft lease Shrewsbury to KCI (international medical company, offices located in 29 countries)

Behavioral Concepts, Inc*

15,000 sq ft lease to Behavioral Concepts, Inc – school for autistic children

Ginseng Up*

6,000 sq ft warehouse lease to Ginseng Up – Worcester


3,000 sq ft lease in Auburn, with Praxair – second deal with Praxair

Southbridge St

Sale of 1 acre of land on Southbridge St Worcester

209 Shrewsbury St

Sale of former Light Lab building at 209 Shrewsbury St Worcester 6,300 sq ft building sold for $625,000.00

Commonwealth of Massachusetts*

22,000 sq ft lease with Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Central Steel Supply*

12,000 sq ft lease to Central Steel Supply in Northborough


11,000 sq ft lease to WasteQuip in Oxford

Mt. Scion Church*

5,000 sq ft building sale in Worcester to Mt. Scion Church

Fountain of Grace Church*

14,000 sq ft building sale in Worcester to Fountain of Grace Church

Frankenstein's Recycling*

12,000 sq ft building sale in Worcester to Frankenstein’s Recycling


14,000 sq ft lease in Worcester to LazerZone

Clark Reality*

2.61 acre Industrial Land sale in Shrewsbury to Clark Reality. $312,000.00 sale price. A. Murray Real Estate, LLC will handle the lease of the 14,000 sq ft speculative industrial building

Rte 20 Shrewsbury

5,000 sq ft lease with Systematics – Hills Farm Industrial Park Rte 20 Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury St

3,100 sq ft lease with Eastern Border – Shrewsbury St Worcester

Memorial Drive Business Park

4,800 sq ft lease with Gaftek, LLC at Memorial Drive Business Park Shrewsbury

Rte 20 Millbury

4,000 sq ft lease with Mid-States Packaging Rte 20 Millbury

Island Pump and Tank Corporation*

5,600 sq ft lease with Island Pump and Tank Corporation

A Alert Logistics*

12,000 sq ft lease with Northborough with A Alert Logistics

Maine Scaffolding*

5,400 sq ft lease in Shrewsbury with Maine Scaffolding. 4th location for this company

Koffee Kup Bakery*

3,000 sq ft distribution lease with Koffee Kup Bakery. 80 year old business from Burlington, Vt

Mabey, Inc*

9,600 sq ft lease with Mabey, Inc Shrewsbury, Ma. Mabey, Inc is a 100 year old company based in the UK.

W.J. Grosvenor*

4,300 sq ft lease in Oxford to W.J. Grosvenor. The tenant is a 120 year old business

Petro Heart*

3,000 sq ft lease to Petro Heart, West Boylston. 100 year old company with 35 locations

5 Jacques St

5 Jacques Street Worcester. sale of 10,000 sq ft building. $295,000.00